Writing songs and playing music comes naturally to me. It is something I started doing instinctively when I was twelve years old. It is my natural way of interpreting the world, and understanding the things that happen to me in life.

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    Lover Boy Looks for the Meaning of Life

    Dec 23

    Love is a difficult subject for me to write about. It’s not that I don’t believe in love or have never experienced it: I have. It’s just that there are all forms of love — some fleeting and transient, others deep and profound and hard to get to. I try my best on this CD […]

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    Beauty of the World

    Apr 26

    Ron Israel is a unique singer-songwriter in the tradition of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and others. His music blends insightful lyrics with well defined melody lines and rhythms. He writes songs about life, love, suffering, and redemption.

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  • Wisdom Songs by Ron Israel

    Wisdom Songs

    Apr 21

    This CD contains fourteen tracks of hard-won wisdom and inspiration. Most of the tunes focus on insights I’ve had about how to survive; what this world is all about; and what’s important to value in life. These songs are not intended to be preachy. They’re just soulful expressions of the truth about certain things as […]

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