Writing songs and playing music comes naturally to me. It is something I started doing instinctively when I was twelve years old. It is my natural way of interpreting the world, and understanding the things that happen to me in life.

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    Homeless In America

    May 4

    Ever since last year’s presidential campaign, the only songs that have come out of me are about the state of our country. Homeless in America is a lament for the times we live in…

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    Serious & Playful

    Dec 5

    “Serious & Playful” is my eighth CD.  Many of the great musicians who perform on this record have played on my earler CDs.  I’m very fortunate to hae been able to work with them for a long time now.  First and foremost is my producer Jim Rickert of Creative Works Studio in Quincy, MA.  My longstanding […]

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    Lover Boy Looks for the Meaning of Love

    Dec 23

    Love is a difficult subject for me to write about. It’s not that I don’t believe in love or have never experienced it: I have. It’s just that there are all forms of love — some fleeting and transient, others deep and profound and hard to get to. I try my best on this CD […]

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